Dance Band

Dance Band, the Twin Cities' live act sensation has been making considerable waves in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN USA during their short existence. Dance Band built up a large amount of local buzz in 2007 due to their energetic, humorous and crowd-controlling concerts. Instrumentally, Dance Band is probably best described as sci-fi electro funk rock. This matches the band's continuously changing attire, which usually looks like a glorious fusion of form-fitting super hero costumes, 80s-era exercise clothes and... sex. With song topics ranging from the environmental virtues of bicycles to outer space to zombies, Dance Band has proven to be experts at getting normally reserved Upper Midwesterners to awkwardly dance the night away. This has culminated in Twin Cities publication, The City Pages naming the group, Best Live Act of 2007. In April, 2009 frontman Captain Octagon (Paul Wichser) announced to City Pages that he would be leaving Dance Band in order to devote more attention to his 2 year old son. Dance Band has vowed via their MySpace page to continue on after Octagon relinquishes his captaincy at sometime in June 2009. Dance Band has released an album, [Dance Band] Returns From the Land After Tomorrow, an EP and a series of singles. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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